• A PLUS Ikusa Megami Aphrodi Comic Unreal Vol.29 Cover Girl designed by Mogudan 1/6 PVC Figure
  • GOOD SMILE COMPANY (GSC) Kill la Kill Nendoroid Kiryuin Satsuki (Re-release)
  • Bandai S.H.Figuarts Rashid
  • KOTOBUKIYA Frame Arms Byakko 1/100 Plastic Kit
  • Bandai Figuarts ZERO Summer Lesson Miyamoto Hikari
  • MAX FACTORY Bioboosted Armor Guyver figma Guyver III
  • KOTOBUKIYA Girls und Panzer the Movie Rosehip 1/7 PVC Figure
  • KOTOBUKIYA ARTFX+ DC UNIVERSE Super Sons Jonathan Kent & Krypto 2 Pack PVC Figure
  • ORCATOYS Ashita no Joe Yabuki Joe -Last Scene- Bronze Ver. 1/6 Excellent Resin Figure
  • MAX FACTORY PLAMAX MF-13 minimum factory Macross Delta Reina Prowler 1/20 Plastic Kit
  • Flare Little Noah White Magician Noah PVC Figure
  • Bandai S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Amazon Neo
  • Bandai Figuarts ZERO Nico Robin -ONE PIECE 20th Anniversary ver.-
  • ALTER Love Live! School Idol Festival Ayase Eri 1/7 PVC Figure
  • EVOLUTION TOY Dynamite Action GK! Limited Tetsujin 28 Black Ox Action Figure
  • TOMYTEC Little Armory figma Asato Miyo (Re-release)
  • ALTER iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Anastasia Memories Ver. 1/8 PVC Figure
  • GOOD SMILE COMPANY (GSC) Koha-Ace EX Sakura Saber 1/8 PVC Figure (Re-release)
  • GOOD SMILE COMPANY (GSC) Kantai Collection -Kan Colle- Nendoroid Kiso
  • Bandai Figuarts ZERO Monkey D. Luffy -ONE PIECE 20th Anniversary Ver.-
  • ORANGE ROUGE Hetalia The World Twinkle Nendoroid Japan
  • Daibadi Production Polynian Motoroid Pink Action Figure
  • EMBRACE JAPAN Fist of the North Star: Ichigo Aji Holy Emperor Souther-sama with Turban Kid 1/8 PVC Figure
  • ALTER Al-Mecha Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid ARX-7 Arbalest Renewal Ver. Action Figure
  • Bandai DX Chogokin Chodenji Robo Combattler V
  • MAX FACTORY Kill la Kill figma Matoi Ryuko (Re-release)
  • GOOD SMILE COMPANY (GSC) Fate/stay night Saber Alter -Vortigern- 1/7 PVC Figure (Re-release)
  • GOOD SMILE COMPANY (GSC) Nendoroid More Kigurumi Face Parts Case Halloween Neko
  • MAX FACTORY 7th Dragon III code:VFD Samurai (Yaiba) 1/7 PVC Figure
  • KOTOBUKIYA Hexa Gear Governor Light Armor Type: Rose 1/24 Plastic Kit
  • TIMEHOUSE REAL ACTION HEROES No.771 DX Kamen Rider Kuuga (Mighty Form) Ver.1.5 Action Figure
  • MegaHouse Variable Action Hi-SPEC Super Dimension Century Orguss Orguss II Normal Soldier Use Action Figure
  • Grand Toys Date A Live II Yatogami Touka 1/8 PVC Figure (Re-release)
  • KOTOBUKIYA Frame Arms NSG-25γ Strauss:RE 1/100 Plastic Kit
  • KOTOBUKIYA Cu-poche Frame Arms Girl Materia Kuro Action Figure
  • X PLUS My Favourite Movie Series Harry Potter Dobby 1/6 Collectible Action Figure
  • KOTOBUKIYA ARTFX+ Star Wars: The Force Awakens Han Solo & Chewbacca 2-Pack The Force Awakens Edition 1/10 PVC Figure
  • Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-39R Baikanfu (Renewal Version)

1. Where can I buy the figures Listed Here?

We feature six different partner stores for most of the figures they will ship to most countries, and are highly recommended.

Normally, links to CD Japan, Hobby Search and YesAsia will be available within two days when a figure is listed, links to PlayAsia may take a week or more to appear.

Not all items will be available from JList.

Plamoya, our newest partner, has its own listing update schedule (normally once or twice a month).

2. Do you list all PVC Figures ever released since 2000?

Our database has most, if not all PVC Figures / Action Figures / Model Kits released in or after 2008. Our records are incomplete for figures released before 2008.

We have an "adults-only" corner for all figures with explicit nudity.

We will not list any "events-only", "mail-order specials" and "website limited edition" figures (from sites that are not our partners).

1. Any updates to the anime / manga database?

We will not be making any updates to both sections until further notice. Also, We have discontinued posting our season previews due to time constraints.

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